KREA University Discussion Panel and Open House

KREA University Discussion Panel and Open House

Gatik Junior college hosted an open house and organized a panel discussion on KREA University’s “Interwoven learning” – Higher Education For the 21st Century & Beyond, on 30th November 2019.

The panelists included the Vice Chancellor Dr. Sundar Ramaswamy and the academic professorsMr.Bharath Sundaram and Ms. Ananya Dasgupta.

Opening the discussion Dr. Ramaswamy, the Vice Chancellor, explained the vision and mission of the university throwing light on their system of learning and curriculum.

Ms. Ananya Dasgupta who is also the member of the curriculum designing explained about the diverse courses offered by the university promising many more additions to be made.

Mr. Bharath talked about how courses at KREA teach students problem solving and self – governance. He sighted an example saying that the current batch of students are being guided to write their own constitution.

The KREA admission process was also explained which showed that the applicant needs to have creativity, open mindedness, empathy, curiosity and teamwork. Admissions are broadly based on all round personality traits. The various steps involved in the process were also explained with examples.

The unique feature of the university is to allow students to learn all subjects in the first year, irrespective of their major and minor subject choices, so as to facilitate them to explore their area of interests.

Explaining their evaluation process, Mr. Bharath explained that KREA follows Trimester system and students are tested based on their improvement in problem solving skills along with academics. Students are clearly explained about the grading parameters and they get to grade their own papers and compare it with the professors’ evaluation.

Following this, the floor was thrown open for Question and Answers session with the audience.

Compiled by
Aman Shrivastava

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